How do you make your appointment?

You must call Costa Salud to make your appointment. You will receive an email or text confirmation message with the link to access your appointment.

What do you need?

You can use your cell phone, tablet, or computer with a webcam and microphone.

How is it accessed?

Open the link you received; then, provide the patient's full name where requested. This way, the provider will be able to see your information and open the session to access you and complete the clinical encounter.

Below are the links to access your virtual appointment with
your Costa Salud Community Health Centers provider:

General Medicine

• Dra. Zuleyka Méndez

• Dra. Elane Rivera

• Dr. José Canabal

• Dra. Vianca Ríos

• Dra. Awilda Vera

• Dra. Mara González


• Dr. Reina Añeses

• Dr. Waleska Nieves

• Dr. Ramón Machado

Internal Medicine

• Dr. Rafael Matos


• Dr. Gloria Durán, Psy D.

• Dra. Jeamarie Marrero, Psy D.


• Dr. Roberto Gutiérrez

Family Medicine

• Dr. Edgar Rodríguez

Social Workers

• Lic. Omayra Serrano

• Lcda. Coralis González


• Lic. Dalibeth Rivera

Health Educator

• Lic. Cinthia Tirado

Asthma Counselor

• Francisco Ramírez

Home Visits

• Dra. Elane Rivera