Outreach and Enrollment

This program develops and/or assists in community events to promote the services offered by Costa Salud according to the needs of the population served. Also, orientations related to health insurance coverage options and sliding fee scale discount program are offered to facilitate access to services for all people, focused on individuals and families with limited resource and/or medically indigent.

Patient support is provided to establish eligibility access to federal, state, and local aid programs that provide financial help and other assistance for the provision of medical, social, educational, housing, and other services like Medicaid, Veterans Affairs, TANF, and Legal Aid.


Guidance related to asthma management, as well as smoking cessation services is provided by a certified nurse.

Ryan White

Healthcare management to patients with HIV diagnosis including opportunistic diseases, and/or malignancies by established protocols.

Diabetes and Hypertension

Education and guidance are offered to control chronic health conditions. Patients are educated on the proper use of their medications and equipment for self-management of their conditions.

Sliding Fee Scale

Health services are offered regardless patient’s inability to pay. The eligibility and discount are offered depending on the patient’s income and family composition, based on the federal poverty guidelines (Sliding Fee Scale). If the patient does not have a health plan, the coverage is limited, or the income is not enough to pay for a private health plan, the patient may be eligible for the Sliding Fee Discount Program. To enroll, contact the Billing and Collection Department at any of our facilities to coordinate an appointment for your socio-economic evaluation or contact the Community Outreach Office for more information.

We provide TeleMedicine services